China Hot Sale High Frequency Induction Heating Machine 40kw

China Hot Sale High Frequency Induction Heating Machine 40kw

China Sizzling Sale Substantial Frequency Induction Heating Device 40KW

Application of Induction Heating Equipment:

A. Heating (very hot forging, scorching fitting and smelting):

one Very hot forging aims to fabricate the work items of particular temperature (distinct supplies need diverse temperatures) into other styles through forging press with the assist of punch push, forging equipment or other equipments, for circumstances, very hot extrusion of view situation, look at flan, handle, mould accessory, kitchen area and desk ware, artwork ware, normal element, fastener, fabricated mechanical component, bronze lock, rivet, metal pin and pin.

two. Very hot fitting refers to the connection of distinct metals or metals with nonmetals via the heating dependent on the theory of sizzling expansion or very hot smelting, for cases, embedded welding of copper main of pc radiator with aluminum sheet and speaker internet, compound of steel and plastic tube, sealing of aluminum foil (tooth paste peel), motor rotor and sealing of tubular electrical heating factor.

3. Smelting mainly aims to soften the metal into liquid by making use of the higher temperature, which is mainly relevant to the smelting of iron, metal, copper, aluminum, zinc as well as different noble metals.

B. Heat Remedy (surface area quench):

It is mostly aims to alter the rigidity of the metallic materials through the heat treatment to perform pieces.
Element applications are stated as follows:

1. Quench for different hardware and tools, this sort of as plier, wrench, hammer, ax, screwing instruments and shear
 (orchard shear).

two. Quench for numerous car and motorcycle fittings, these kinds of as crankshaft, connecting rod, piston pin,
  chain wheel, aluminum wheel, valve, rock arm shaft, semi generate shaft, small shaft and fork.

3. Different electrical tools, this kind of as equipment and axes.

four. Quench for machine tools, such as lathe deck and guidebook rail.

5. Quench for numerous components steel elements and machined areas, this kind of as shaft, gear (chain wheel), cam,
  chuck and clamp and so on.

six. Quench for components molds, such as tiny-dimension mould, mould accent and inner gap of mould.

C. Welding (braze welding, silver soldering and brazing)

It mostly aims to soften the solder by heating it to a particular temperature for the function of connecting two
varieties of metals of the very same substance or distinct supplies.

1. Welding of a variety of components chopping tools, this kind of as diamond resource, abrasive tool, drilling device, alloy observed blade, difficult alloy cutter, milling cutter, reamer, plHangCZPT tool and reliable center little bit.
2. Welding of different components mechanical gadget: Silver soldering and brazing of metals of the identical assortment or diverse kinds, this sort of as hardware toilet and kitchen merchandise, refrigerating copper fitting, lamp decoration fitting, precision mold fitting, components take care of, eggbeater, alloy metal and metal, metal and copper as properly as copper and copper.

3. Compound pot bottom welding is primarily applicable to the braze welding of round, sq. as well as other irregular plain pot base. It is also applicable to basic braze welding of other metals.

4. Welding of heating disc of electrical very hot-drinking water kettle largely refers to the braze welding of stainless steel flat foundation, aluminum sheet and tubular electrical heating factors of numerous varieties.

D. Annealing (tempering and modulation):

1. Annealing of various stainless metal items, such as stainless metal basin, annealed and extruded can, annealed folded edge, annealed sink, stainless steel tube, tableware and cup.

2. Annealing of various other metallic work parts, this sort of as golfing ball head, cue, brass lock, components copper fitting, kitchen knife handle, blade, aluminum pan, aluminum pail, aluminum radiator and different aluminum items.

Induction Heating Device Parameter:

Design GY-40AB (Three phase)
work power 340V-430V
input current 41A
Fluctuating output power 40KW
fluctuating frequency 30-80KHZ
output current two hundred-1800A
the flow rate of cooling water .08-.16Mpa 7.6L/Min
water temperature protection point 40C
product size main:620x250x530mm
transformer:480x260x410 mm
net weight main : 34.5kgs
transformer : 31.5kgs

Supply Time: in seven workdays.
Delivery Phrase:By sea,By air,by specific.

Added equipment acknowledge select,  
2>CZPTer design Coil 
3>Infrared Thermometer
4>Back-up Digital Boards
5>Forging Furnace,Melting Furnace,Hardening Fixture

About support query:
Q: Why select GuangYuan Firm?
A: We are manufacture which experienced in this filed for virtually twenty a long time.No make a difference high quality,cost,service,shipping and delivery time,we all have huge advantage.

Q:How to pick suitable machine?
A:You can explain to us your application,require forging,hardening,welding,melting or other,pass me workpiece substance & dimensions,Temperature requirement and heating time need.Then we will advise match equipment for you reference.

Q:How about the device payment expression&supply time&Shipping time period?
A: Our business payment term take T/T,Western Union,L/C and so on.Small device shipping time is 3~seven workdays.Large machine shipping time fifteen~twenty five workdays.Delivery phrase take EXW,FOB,CIF and so on.

Q:How about the equipment warranty?
A:Our merchandise help 1 calendar year warranty not by personalized goal,assistance complex provider all existence.
In the course of the warranty,if machine have difficulty want change spare parts,we can substitute for you demand totally free.

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China Hot Sale High Frequency Induction Heating Machine 40kw