CNC Sheet Metal Stainless Steel Plate Pipe Metal Sheet V Grooving Machine

CNC Sheet Metal Stainless Steel Plate Pipe Metal Sheet V Grooving Machine

CNC Sheet Metallic stainless metal plate pipe metallic sheet V grooving device

Software Description
Gantry kind machine, alloy steel welded framework, and whole body stress annealed, possessing very good rigidity and energy and durability.

equipment adopts frame composition layout ,50 mm higher energy low alloy construction steel counter tops, excellent integral rigidity of the equipment resource.

The beams of this series is strong CZPT relocating, the perform piece material can be sent by the evacuation system,and as for operate tables, they have been make of carbon instrument metal, hardness of which can be fifty five-60HRC (normal table<30HRC)after high-frequency surface hardening, which makes the work table much harder than the hardness of stainless steel, and completely solve the phenomenon of the work surface grooves appeared due to low hardness of traditional machines, to ensure the work surface flatness ≤ ± 0.03mm, completely solve the reduction of the accuracy of the V-grooves due to deformation of work table surface, prolonged the life of the equipment. Around the work table there are care feeding device to prevent scratches during processing of sheet metal.

The CZPT-backward knife relaxation (Y1 shaft) motion, up-down knife relaxation (Z shaft) movement, CZPT-backward end pressure (Y2 shaft) motion are controlled by CNC program, AC servo motor, ball screw push. It has the rewards of higher handle precision, positioning precision.

Efficiency and Features
1.The HRL kind CNC gantry metal sheet slotting equipment is an up grade product created by the researchers of our firm on the foundation of Korea gantry steel sheet slotting equipment. The device has all the properties of the traditional gantry variety device. Completely remedy the buyer in the genuine operation approach encountered a sequence of difficulties. This products is a four-axis entire servo design, which has created a breakthrough in the items of all domestic and foreign gantry slotting machines.

2.The equipment is welded by metal plate, and the inside pressure is eliminated by vibration growing older. The complete device is processed on the gantry milling equipment to make the entire model a lot more than the same items at residence and overseas in power, rigidity and stability.

3.The device adopts a system structure, and the resource holder is processed by lateral and longitudinal movement to guarantee the accuracy of every single portion of the groove depth.

4.The products adopts the processing technologies of 3 entrance and rear forming knives, which greatly lowers the iron filings generated during processing. In contrast with the classic five knives, the precision of the processing is tremendously improved. Simply because the 5 knives are processed, the base of the groove may produce a number of base strains. write-up.

five.The tools adopts total pneumatic clamping, press, operating quick, so that the processed merchandise have no clip marks, indentation, all processing method tracking cooling blow. With an alarm system.       
six.Substantial-speed alloy metal equipment rack, large pitch ball wire rod, and high precision, mute straight guide. The spindle method is driven by high torque servo motor with imported star reducer. The tool holder is more stable and rapidly when machining the workpiece. This products gantry frame has adopted six tremendous silent slide seat, is any equivalent item can not assess.

seven.The substantial-energy plate is employed as the base surface of the workbench, which tends to make the workpiece straightforward to be worn. This device has self-planing function.

eight.The tools adopts CNC numerical manage. Operators are straightforward to discover and understand, precise positioning. clamps, compacts all undertake the complete pneumatic handle. Make this equipment in the idea of strength conservation and environmental protection arrived at a substantial level.
10the total shape of the equipment is easy, generous, lovely, adopts the frame kind structure environment, accords with all types of technical personnel’s procedure custom, allows the operator to be capable to entirely meet the production and the technical ask for in the work

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1. Our supply oriented after-revenue provider including the oversea engineers trainning CZPT and also worldwide vendor centre for any crisis assistance.We have proven CZPT community to ensure our well timed response for your any desire no subject the place are you.

two. We welcome engineers from your aspect to understand the technological style and regular maintenance right here,this will support your straightforward in knowing and valuable if you want to be our dealer.

3. Nonetheless,do not worry,we have our company very own CD/Manual to display you together with the equipment.So you can understand this from the present docments to deepen your knowledge and comprehension.

four. Anyhow there are one more way is by means of net video clip face to face for machine training, simply because of the substantial growth in internet,the world has turn into more compact and you can simple speak to us if any help necessary.

5. Through all the techniques,we will assure the service good quality and guarantee you will be nicely aided whenever anyplace.

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CNC Sheet Metal Stainless Steel Plate Pipe Metal Sheet V Grooving Machine