Semi or Fully Automatic N95 KN95 Production Welding Machine

Semi or Fully Automatic N95 KN95 Production Welding Machine

Semi or Completely Automated N95/KN95 Manufacturing Welding Equipment

This equipment is a totally automated three-dimensional folding mask integrated machine.
Only one particular employee is necessary for the complete method from feeding to completed item. 

Automatically put on the nose bridge and weld the elastic band.Employing ultrasonic technologies to weld 3 to five layers of PP non-woven fabric, soften-blown cloth, activated carbon and filter resources.

It is an all-in-one completely automatic folding mask generation line for welding, folding, edge sealing, rolling and slicing nonwoven fabrics. It can approach 3M 9001/9002 and other folding masks.

Dependent on the raw resources utilised, the masks made can meet distinct expectations these kinds of as FFP1 / FFP2 / KN95.

Power: 6000W
Handle technique: PLC
Energy prerequisite: AC 380V fifty/60hz


Item Name KN95 Fully Automatic Mask Machine Manufacturing Line
Equipment measurement 8700(L)x1600(W)x2200(H)mm
Voltage 220V
Manufacturing potential 40-60pcs/min
Electricity Use 6KW

 Equipment Particulars Diagram:

1.Feeding Gadget

Adopt energetic unreeling, immediately unreeling according to the placement of rigidity roller.

two.Nose bridge welding

Nose bridge welding module: Like nose bridge unreeling, nose bridge
leveling, mounted-size conveying, cut, welding.
Material composite seam-weld: Undertake ultrasonic welding head and steel welding the roller depth of parallelism and positional accuracy is adjustable, welding method has a cooling perform.

three.Earloop welding

Undertake ear band (not headset), complete fabric feeding, after the handle of generate and pressure, fastened size cutting, adjustable duration of the ear band, employing ultrasonic welding

four.Molding equipment

The molding machine includes folding device, reducing unit, welding device and puller travel device.
Folding unit: Undertake adjustable triangle plate, top and angle can be modified to make sure that the mask is folded and neutral.
Slicing device: knife pad, stress can be altered materials: high-pace metal.
Molding welding device: Using ultrasonic welding, the welding is agency and the sample is distinct the force of the welding technique is adjustable, it has a cooling device, and the technological parameters are adjustable.
Puller generate device: The servo motor is utilized to control the primary driving roller to travel the cloth, which runs efficiently and the force is precisely adjustable.

Functions and functions

1 Large stability, reduced failure fee, beautiful and reliable CZPT rust.
2 Pc PLC programming management, servo generate, high diploma of automation.
3 Photoelectric (optical fiber) detection of uncooked components to steer clear of problems and lessen waste.
4 Totally automated manufacturing, which includes computerized delivery of raw materials automatic shipping and delivery, chopping of nose bridge strips, welding of mask edges, folding, ultrasonic fusion, forming and reducing, and so on.

Machine Manufacturing process

Substance processing parameters

Speed 40-60 pcs / min
PP non-woven material size 260mm width * 50g reel duration 600mm
Filter measurement 260mm extensive * 40g reel length 600mm
Welding cloth size 260mm width * 50g reel length 600mm
Non-woven material size 260mm wide * 30g reel length 600mm
Ear line dimension three-5mm width
Nose bridge strip CZPT main steel strip 5mm
Energy 220V 50Hz,eight.5KW
Air stress .6-.8 MPa

Mask description

Equipment Drawings







Semi or Fully Automatic N95 KN95 Production Welding Machine