630kw Squirrel Cage High Voltage 3-Phase Asynchronous Electric Motor

630kw Squirrel Cage High Voltage 3-Phase Asynchronous Electric Motor

The 3 section higher voltage motor is squirrel-cage a few-stage asynchronous electricity. This kind of motor meets the specifications of IEC specifications. The motor has compact construction, light bodyweight, large effectiveness, energy conserving, low noise, reduced vibration, substantial dependability, extended service daily life, handy set up and upkeep, and many others. Features.
3 stage higher voltage asynchronous motors are widely employed in numerous ventilators, water pump crushers, compressors, equipment tools, transportation equipment and other mechanical products CZPT special demands. It is an critical supply of power for mining, electromechanical, petroleum, chemical, electricity station and other industrial and mining enterprises.
The a few stage substantial voltage motor adopts Class F insulation and has great temperature resistance. This sequence of motors can also be made into damp tropical kind, dry tropical kind, outside kind and outside anti-corrosive sort and outside moist tropical kind. The rotor adopts a squirrel cage structure, which is dynamically well balanced by high-precision verification. The motor runs effortlessly and the vibration is little. The motor is offered with a cylindrical shaft extension. It can also be produced into a double shaft extension according to the user’s demands.

Electricity assortment: 185kW ~ 8000kW
Number of poles: 2/four/six/eight/ten/12
Rated voltage: 10000V/11000V
Rated frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Security stage: IP54 or IP55
Insulation class: F
Perform system: S1 (ongoing)
Cooling approach: IC611/IC616/IC666
Set up type: IMB3
Motor connection: Y (3 outlet terminals in the junction box, the junction box from the extension of the spindle is situated on the correct aspect of the base)
Problems of Use:
1. The altitude does not exceed 1000 meters.
2, the greatest ambient air temperature, no more than forty ° ° C.
3. Minimal ambient air temperature: -fifteen °C for motors with rolling bearings, °C for motors with simple bearings, or according to arrangement.
4. The month to month average highest relative humidity of the warmest thirty day period is ninety%, and the month to month typical minimal temperature of the month is not larger than twenty five °C.

No. Squirrel cage motor Y YKK YKS Y2
Slip ring motor YR YRKK YRKS /
one Framework Box-type construction, made up of steel plates welded with each other Compact struction
two Cooling method IC01 or (IC11, IC21, IC31) IC611 or IC616 IC81W IC411
three Natural ventilation, with top mounted protection cover With top mounted air-air cooler With top mounted air-water cooler  
four Protection type IP23 IP44 or IP54 IP44 or IP54 IP54
5 Insulation F
six Mounting arrangement IMB3
7 Voltage CZPT 3kv, 3.3kv 6kv, 6.6kv 10kv, 11kv
eight Frequency CZPT 50HZ 60HZ 0-100HZ

The a few section substantial voltage motor has the characteristics of compact structure, mild fat, high efficiency, power conserving, lower sound, lower vibration, substantial trustworthiness, lengthy support existence and hassle-free installation and upkeep. This kind of motor is versatile and flexible, driving a broad variety of mechanical products.

Principal approach flow of the motor
Motor stator: casing processing → punching press → iron main seating → coil creating → weaving → dipping paint drying
Digital rotor: blank shaft processing → iron main push set up → iron core solid aluminum → rotor string shaft → weave → dipping paint drying → dynamic equilibrium
Motor assembly: stator rotor assembly → device check → motor look coloring → packaging storage

The motor products made and offered by our firm are employed in numerous industries, this kind of as electric energy, mining, metal metallurgy, petrochemical, h2o conservancy, transportation, developing materials and numerous other industries. The products for the motor is pump, machine instrument, enthusiast, mill, crusher, rolling mill, compressor and a lot of other industrial products.

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630kw Squirrel Cage High Voltage 3-Phase Asynchronous Electric Motor