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At present, the specifications of our EP3 Series planetary gear box, EP4 series track drives, EP7 Series slew drives, and EP6 Series wheel drives are up to over 10,000 items. The reduction ratio range is from 3.3 ~ 9000, the output torque range is from 500 ~ 450000N.m. More than 90% of our products are exported to the United States, Europe, Australia, South America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. The installation and dimensions of our planetary gear box are exactly the same as the ones made by well-known European and American planetary gear box manufacturers. They are interchangeable.

The company has many Taiwan-made high-quality machines, such as a fully automatic integrated machining center, CNC grinding machine, CNC gear machines, and CNC machine tools, etc., to ensure high accuracy for the parts. All of Our employees have undergone rigorous professional training and have good skills and excellent quality. The company adopt modern computer management systems and has successfully passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification.

EP400T1 Track Drives T2max=1300N.m
EP401T1 Track Drives T2max=2000N.m
EP402T2 Track DrivesT2max=7000N.m
EP403T2 Track Drives T2max=7000N.m
EP405T Track Drives T2max=10000N.m
EP406AT2 Track Drives T2max=13000N.m
EP406AT3 Track Drives T2max=18000N.m
EP406T2 Track Drives T2max=18000N.m
EP406T3 Track Drives T2max=18000N.m
EP406BT3 Track Drives T2max=24000N.m
EP407AT Track Drives T2max=26000N.m
EP407T3 Track Drives T2max=36000N.m
EP410T3 Track Drives T2max=50000N.m
EP413T3 Track Drives T2max=60000N.m
EP414T3 Track Drives T2max=80000N.m
EP415T3 Track Drives T2max=110000N.m


Low noise and smooth running.
High loading capacity, low temperature rise, and long useful life.
Compact structure, small size, convenient maintenance.
Specifications: single and double
Transmission ratio: single-stage 6~87, double stage 99~7569
Structures: Double-shaft and Direct-joint
Installation: foot and flange

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Why choose us

1. Wide selection of reducers

Our company offers the widest range of standard and custom solutions for applications in motion control and mechanical transmission. We provide precision inline planetary gearboxes and right angle planetary gearboxes, 90 degree right angle servo motor gearboxes, harmonic drive gearboxes, RV reducers for robots, ground precision racks, and pinions, servo motors, stepper motors, brushless motor,s, etc. The company can also provide worm gear reducers, gear motors, screw jacks, steering gears, and other related reducer gearboxes and accessories. This means you can get what you want right here and benefit from our one-stop service, saving you time and money.

2. Attractive price and top brand quality

We offer our customers very attractive prices with good quality. Compared with other companies’ gearboxes, our precision planetary gearboxes feature low backlash (2-8 arcmin), high efficiency (≥95%), and low noise (60dBA). All servo gearboxes produced by our famous brand will be strictly inspected and tested before leaving the factory. In addition, we provide customers with a one-year warranty and lifetime after-sales service.

3. All-round professional technical support

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to choose the right transmission for your machine. We have a professional technical team to serve you. As long as you follow our steps, you’ll know how to choose the right size. After selecting the matching gearbox for your motor, we will send you the corresponding CAD drawing for your inspection to avoid any mistakes. We also offer 24-hour technical support if you have any other issues that need urgent resolution.

4. Provide customized service

If you need a custom gearbox for a unique application, we can provide custom service according to your requirements. We will provide you with reliable, high-performance custom gearboxes from small to large output torques. Please tell our sales engineer your detailed requirements and all the necessary dimensions you want. The more information you provide us, the more suitable we can design a custom transmission for you.

5. Fast delivery time

For most of the standard reducers, we have sufficient stock, which can be delivered to customers in a very short time, solve the problem of urgent replacement of damaged gearboxes on working machines, and save costs for customers. Also, if a customer needs a gearbox of a certain size urgently and we do not have it in stock, we can arrange priority production, especially for you.

6. Alternatives to branded reducers

Most of our Precision Gearboxes can perfectly match and replace Apex Gearboxes, Dawn Gearboxes, Shimpo Gearboxes, Neugart Gearboxes, SPG Gearboxes, and Harmonic Drive Gearboxes, Boston Gearboxes, Bonfiglioli Gearboxes, etc. Product number. High quality and low price, 3F reducers, especially the planetary gearbox and the harmonic drive gear, are warmly welcomed by customers all over the world.

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